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Dear Future Millionaire Mailer,

There are real people earning real money from their own home. They do this by simply helping us personally address and mail our special brochures to thousands of our prospective customers all around the country. If you would like the chance to be one of our mailers, receiving checks for simple, pleasant work, we encourage you to join our growing Millionaire Mailers Club team.

We promote a variety of quality advertisements direct to the public in a 40 billion dollar market place. Because we don’t buy expensive TV and magazine advertising but instead market by direct mail, we are able to maintain a much higher profit margin than many of our competitors.

We’ll Pay You For Simply Addressing & Mailing
Our Special Brochures

By utilizing the skills and resources of mailers like you, helping us personalize our mailings, we receive a much greater rate of response than we would otherwise. This personalized approach increases profits and, added to the money we save on advertising, allows us to share very generously with our network of dedicated mailers. It’s a proven formula where everybody benefits.

Everything Is Supplied Directly To Your Home

You receive our special brochures, plus names and addresses that are already on peel & stick labels. We assign you a personal identification code that is located on the brochure. You then address and mail the brochure. You have the option to use stamps or a postage meter. Before sending out your mailings you place a first class stamp on the envelope to complete the process.

Your Checks/Direct Deposits Are Sent Weekly

Approximately a week after you send out your mailing, we start to receive orders that your mailing helped generate. We pay you a full 60% of the price on every order received from your mailings. Our data processing center then mails a check directly to you every Friday for the orders received from the prior week’s activity.

Mailers Can Receive Weekly Pay

Customers are linked automatically to your I.D. code. You get paid 60% of the money each time a customer orders from the brochures plus bonuses, often over $100.00 per order.

Your earnings multiply quickly. You make money while you’re out shopping, you make money when you’re sleeping, you even make money when you’re on vacation! No other program pays you like this!

Millionaire Mailers Club personalized direct mail approach is designed to make you money right from the start. The more you mail the more you can earn. You can start with our sets of mailing supplies. After you process and mail them, you can request larger supply orders of mailing sets at anytime. To get started, there’s only the minimal cost of a one-time $198.00 registration fee…so little compared to a lifetime of income.

You Can Do This In Your Spare Time

All you do is process the personalized mailings. Millionaire Mailers Club handles everything else, there’s no product to buy and handle, we’ve developed and tested all the promotional materials prior to your mailings, we handle the computer processing and all other shipping. You can process your mailings in your free time or even do this while you watch TV. You will be paid as an independent mailer so we do not deduct anything from your checks.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

When you register as a Millionaire Mailers Club VIP member you can do so with the confidence that you will be 100% satisfied.

The cost to join is a ONE TIME registration fee of only $198.00. This is a very small fee compared to the thousands of dollars you could soon be making. Naturally, no business can afford to send out costly materials to everyone who asked. This fee will also assure us you are serious about wanting to earn money at home.

We are so confident that you will make money with this program that we will offer a 20 BROCHURE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - The registration fee will be refunded after the first 20 brochures we receive back from your mailings. You are protected by this unconditional guarantee for as long as you are a Millionaire Mailers Club VIP member.

Exclusive Bonus
(New Mailers Sign-Up)

After your first 20 brochures are received, we will also send you an additional $200 bonus check just for joining.

In order to secure your position, please quickly complete this Enrollment Form and rush it to us without delay.

We feel strongly that we have one of the BEST marketing systems ever developed due to its simplicity and highly automated nature. We feel that these factors are the main driving force behind our explosive team growth and we are committed to helping you build your profits!

Because we need dedicated mailers immediately, you must register in the next 30 days. Now is the best time to get started. Just let us know you want to become part of the remarkable Millionaire Mailers Club team and start making the kind of money you’ve always wished for.

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